The goal of an online store is become to everyone anywhere, so the compatibility is essential on all devices.


The most important thing about a website is its accessibility. Nowadays most of the users connects from their mobile devices and tablet, therefore the design of our website must be responsive and coherent in all the format.


The home page of a web site is the main page, it is the first that customers see when entering on the online store, and many of them do not continue to browse the web. For this reason the home should be a summary of our whole website. The function of the web is to convince the user to continue browsing our online store and finalize the purchase. That is why the home must be of an attractive and dynamic design. You should briefly show a summary of the products, blog articles, links to the contents and most importantly express the style of the brand.


An online store needs the following steps to process a purchase. All process must be easy and intuitive for the user. First you need to have a gallery that shows all products on the same page, with information on prices and professional images. From this page, the user can add the product directly to the cart, or view the product in a single page with the expanded information. Others esencial pages in an online store, are the cart and the check out. Both pages must have the coherence of the design and be very clear and easy to use for the client.


The web site has to be attractive, but there are also some laws that you must comply with. It is necessary to add all the legal information in the online store, for users knows our online store complies with the law. This information is not the first thing that the clients are looking for, so the best option is to include all this secondary information in the footer menu. Leaving only the main menu as a showcase for the online store.



On this website we have included a plugin visible in all the pages that help us with the mail marketing strategy. discounts for personal customer information, so everyone wins.