People think branding is a nice logo and a beautiful web site, but they are wrong. Branding is the base of everything, it is what makes you different, it is your message, your promise, what will make you be remembered for it or not.

Do you know what brands like Nespresso, Apple or Vueling have in common?

I’ll tell you.

They are well defined brands, well positioned emotionally in the minds of their customers and are brands that run with impeccability and consistency. They are companies that work their branding with dedication. And the results are noticed, each in its own way and in its market. For example, Nespresso has an archetype of “Select” personality. It appeals to our cravings for luxury, exclusivity and status. It brings us back to a classy and successful lifestyle. Apple, on the other hand, enters more into the archetype of the “Pioneer” or Vueling, within the “Entertainer.”



If you want to be happy with your business,

you need to have coherence between yourself and your brand.

Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.
What should a brand do?

– Clearly communicate a message
– Confirm your credibily
– Emotionally connect your target with your product or services
– Motivate the buyers to buy your product
– Create user loyalty




Have you got the feeling that your brand doesn’t highlight over other?

It´s sure you don’t invest enough.

Nowadays all things has been invented, there are thousands of stores and professionals who sell things or services like yours. The only way to bring your essence, your personality to your customers, to convince them to buy you and not others is BRANDING. Your brand is what makes the difference.

For some reason, self-employed entrepreneurs decide to leave aside this aspect of their business and not to invest much money at first. WRONG. The investment in branding should be from the beginning, to start growing your reputation from the first moment.

/WAI/ Studio working hand in hand, in a friendly environment, with slow philosophy and handmade, as long as we can. Always developing enjoyable processes to achieve professional results. We have a special pack for entrepreneurs. Our goal is that after working with us, you can continue with the process successfully. We give you the seed, which is the soul of your project, and then we provide the tools for you to continue with the care of the plant. Only you with the love for your project can make it flourish with success and obtain the benefits that you deserve.