Many people thought that the life of email marketing was just to finish, with the arrive of social networking, it has become one of the best marketing tools. Social networks are an ocean in which you can find your customers, but it isn´t enough to find them, you need loyalty.



To get loyalty, the customers should be your followers and be informed of your new, and they should buy regularly.

Email marketing is the perfect tool to achieve that goal. Here, we give you ten reasons to bet for email marketing in your business.


1- DIRECT CHANNEL with your customers. Face to face you can solve doubts or manage personalized orders, and receive feedback.

2- IS NOT INVASIVE. The user who receives it is productive to read it, because he has given you his consent to send it, subscribing to the newletter.

3- GREAT SEGMENTATION. The mail marketing campaigns focus on very specific parameter, increasing the efficacy of your campaigns.

4 – CLEAR ANALYSIS. Almost sofware included analysis tools of the campaigns, which helps you to improve the advertising continuously.

5 – IMMEDIATE RESPONSE. Regardless the call to action you use in your mail, (direct purchase, request for information, visits to your blog, web) the user´s response is immediate, with simple click.

6- LOYALTY. If the information is quality and the mailing frequency is right (as not to be invasive), you have the perfect combination to increase the loyalty of users. They will be waiting your news, because they know the information interests them.

7- AFFORDABLE. You can reach a very large audience with a minimum investment with your newletter.

8- According to FORBES MEDIA magazine, mail marketing is the second in the list of channels of promotion more effective and that best converts for SEO positioning.

9- According to an EXACT TARGET study, 93% of online consumers are subscribers of e-mail newsletters of different brands.

10 – 60% of consumers open their email every morning.



We always recomended you to do it yourself, because your personal brand is youself, anybody better than you for comunication about your brand, and the communication should be your best weapon. There are different free software online for your mail marketing campaigns, we advise these: InfusionSoft, Benchmark Email, Mailchimp, Mailrelay, Active Campaign, AcumbaMail. Any of these programs has a simple and intuitive interface to make your campaigns and to design the mail.

Remember how important is to keep a coherence of your brand in all your communication, including mail marketing. In Wai Studio, we make it easy for you, and we include in the website we design, newsletter subscription plugins, to automatically generate a list of followers and clients. We also offer a maintenance after the programming of the web, where we develop an email marketing strategy and take care of managing it to your followers.