Blog´s Advantages


You Wouldn’t buy from a shop without a sign at the front, Would you? This happens on the internet as well. The internet is full of online stores, so much accessibility sometimes creates mistrust. Anyone can have a website and fool users.


Your goal as an entrepreneur, if you want to build a lasting relationship with your customers, is to TO BUILD TRUST. Show your customers that they can trust you, that your products are of quality, and that you are not going to deceive them.


The first thing you have to do is invest in brand design. Your brand is your face on the internet, and if you have a crappy brand, your product will be seen by the customers as such adjective.



But it is not enough to generate a good brand at the beginning, and don’t make anything else. Your reputation should continue to grow as fast as your business does. The best way to humanise your brand, to keep the customers trusting you, and fill up your brand of your personality, IS THROUGH A BLOG.
Here your customers can see the personality of your brand, and who you really are, and this, certainly is what will bring you sales.




1. Easy usability and classified and organised content. YOUR BRAND IS YOU, AND YOU MUST DO IT YOURSELF.


2. Build trust with your customers. CONTENT OF QUALITY. Customers will follow your blog because you offer quality content, interesting to them, and this will put their trust in you.


3. LINKS YOUR SOCIAL NETWORKS. To increase the trust of your customers, link all your RRSS with your blog, the more social networks more followers, and more visibility, more trust.


4. MARKETING PLATFORM. As you already have the trust of your customers, you can use this platform to turn your followers in customers.


5. Creating content favours SEO (POSITIONING A GOOGLE SEARCHES), which allows you to get organic traffic. A good position in search of Google, is as if you Would had your shop on a great pedestrian avenue.


But as you know, nothing is free, if you want to get all these advantages, you must work hard. And do it yourself, no one can do it for you.



1. Quality Content
2. Regularity in publications
3. Attention and answers. FEEDBACK
4. Professional web and brand


If you don’t have a professional website and a good brand design, here we have the best offer for you. Besides, if you take on it from here, we will give you a “blogger’s manual for entrepreneurs” FREE.