My brand is good but it does not work! Just having a  good brand is not enough we have to send adjusted shares to our target.


In order to carry out marketing campaigns we have to be aware of the different applications and plataforms to send the one that best fits our target and from which we will receive a more positive impact.

There are two ways to conduct, but we are going to explain one of them, offline marketing actions.


Marketing Offline

Offline marketing is composed of the 4 P-s: product, promotion, price and distribution.

Where within it the methods of production are different from those of online:Word-of-mouth advertising, business cards, folders, brochures and presentations, direct Mail Marketing, advertising in traditional media: radio, television, magazines, printed newspapers, etc.

The marketing that it knows as traditional, is not the same according to the segment of populationto which we are going and that will influence the return of the investment ROI (the return of the investment) of our actions. In this advertising discipline the economic efforts are greaterbecause it needs a greater infrastructure to carry them out.



Because no costumers will call you to the door if they don´t know you. Presents in the best way and always to the right person. In Wai Studio we can help you with the presentations and that your brand starts to work.