An entrepreneur is obliged to perform all the functions of his company, and this is impossible without a good organization. In addition to fulfilling all your legal obligations and responsibilities of your business, you must have a sales strategy, with goals to meet, and also serve your customers cordially. All these tasks are impossible to accomplish without a good method of organization. We recommend that at least once a year, you plan in front of your agenda to organize your work year.




All the entrepreneurs are available 24 hours, as is your own business, you do not want to lose any sales opportunity, and this transforms you into a slave of your work. Our first recommendation for your work calendar is that you mark a fixed schedule, and that you strictly comply with it. Any problem that arises after hours can wait for the next day. Do not get overwhelmed, in this way the time you broke your mind will be more concentrated and raise your level of effectiveness.



As a company, you have legally fiscal and business obligations with dates set by the government. It is necessary to mark all these dates in our work calendar so that nothing will catch us by surprise being prepared for when the time comes. For example, we recommend that a week before the VAT declaration date, you set aside a time in a calendar to collect invoices and make accounts.



At the end of the morning our e-mail inbox does not stop ringing, if every time we receive a message, we stop what we are doing to answer it, our concentration and effectiveness goes down a lot. We recommend that you check the mail twice a day, always at the same time, as a routine, to check all the mail in the same fragment of time, and then continue with something else. Remember that multitasking makes us lose concentration and effectiveness.



The ideal is that you make a communication strategy with some objectives. These strategies depend on each business, you can do them annually, quarterly or monthly. In them you develop an action plan to achieve some objectives (these tend to be more sales, generate new leads, bring traffic to your website). The action plan details what kind of actions you are going to carry out to reach these objectives, and these actions must fit into your calendar, to force you to comply on time and reach your goals.


For example in this section you can include the posts in your blog. The goal is to get more sales in your online store, and to reach that goal you develop a strategy that consists of periodically publishing a series of articles of interest to your customers with links to the products you sell. You should then mark in your calendar one day to develop the contents of the articles, another date to schedule the publications, and a third date to analyze the results. Without this controlled organization, your actions have no direction and you do not achieve any objective because you do not analyze what you do, so you do not know if you are doing it right or wrong.



The most important part of your work as an entrepreneur is to develop your main function, to produce. Whatever your product or service, you need to organize your time to produce it effectively and efficiently. When you accept an assignment, reserve the time you need to develop it, and you will always know how much time you have to accept new assignments. A bad organization in this section can make you feel overwhelmed because you have too much work and you do not have enough time, and you end up delivering projects or products late, with which you generate bad references and your business will stop being profitable.


Then we leave you a list of tools for you to choose the one that best suits your needs, all of them free. You can sleep best at night with a well-organized company, where coas and stress have no place.




It is one of the best apps available to apply the Kanban method. This consists of not creating a single list of tasks, but several, dividing the work into parts and visualizing the phases on a blackboard. Trello allows you to collaborate with other people and easily manage teamwork.



It is an intelligent task manager that helps organize tasks by learning habits and activities that are completed depending on the time and day. It is a simple but powerful app to keep a detailed record of the pending without having to rely on memory.



It is another very efficient task manager, which lets you organize tasks in different folders, each with its own checklist of everything to be completed. You can add comments, share lists with other users, reminders, assign delivery dates, add notes, activate notifications, use labels, etc.



One of its greatest virtues is that it fills the fields and creates the event in the calendar, it supports dictation, it is very intuitive in its use, it is compatible with iCloud, Google Calendar or Exchange. On the other hand, its efficient calendar and a simplified list to the maximum will make this the best calendar you will use. Keep everything under control with features such as CalDAV synchronization, automatic alarms for new events, support for OS X and iOS reminders and instant search.



This app is an agenda where you can take notes, take pictures, record sounds, etc. to have all the necessary information on your mobile.


Focus Time

It is an efficient management of time, but it differs from others in that it uses the Pomodoro technique, which sets work times in 25 minutes and follows the idea that frequent breaks help mental agility.