Side projects are those you do for the sake of it. They are not an order, You do not do them for profit. They are those projects that you develop because while you are doing them, you connect with yourself, you discover your ikigai, you develop the element of Ken Robinson.

What does this mean?

Time stops, the art flows and you are happy doing that, you feel that you have found the motivation to continue working the rest of your life.



You might as well make this type of projects your way of life, so that your happiness will be continuous over the years, and your ikigai will not fade away while you were working in any other job that you don´t like.

IKigai is a Japanese concept meaning “the reason for living” or “the reason for being”. Everyone, according to Japanese culture, has an ikigai. Finding it requires a deep and often protracted search for oneself. The word ikigai is generally used to indicate the source of one’s life value, or the things that make life worth living.


So, if your side project isn’t something you really enjoy doing, you might as well spend your time on your actual job. You’ll struggle to stay motivated, and you won’t pour any real passion into the side project.

It is not always possible, to make a business profitable of your passion, but sometimes this happens, and then it is something really magical, which is worth trying. Tell us your side project and we will help you turn it into a business, which perhaps will not make you rich, but of course, will make you happy.

How to achieve this happy-business dream?

Download the pfd from the link below, fill in the form with absolute sincerity while you relax and send it back to our email (HELLO@WAISTUDIO.CO.UK). We will reply as soon as possible with a feasibility analysis, and a proposal to get it up and running.