We have explained before, in the article of the BLOG´s importance of generating trust to your clients. The key to success is generating this relationship of trust and closeness with customers.


When we talked about the blog, we explained about publishing quality content that brings back the interest of your customers, so we can carry out a marketing strategy. But …




Well here enter the social networks.


Social Networks is our showcase on the internet. Having a personal or professional profile we could knock on the doors of our customers. Catch their attention to redirect them to our blog and from here, to our website, where they can buy our services or products.




It is not necessary to be present in all the social media, because there are too many, and then, it could be imposible to managers them well. If you badly manage your social profile, your reputation will go down quickly. You must decide which are the social networks where your ideal client is more present, and generate a professional profile in them.


Having a social profile seems free but really it is not true. It requires your effort and dedication, you need to have professional images and quality content, and of course a useful link.




In online sales, customers can not touch or try the product, all you have to convince them are the photographs. For this reason, you should pay special attention to this goal. You must publish profesional pictures, which should have full information about the characteristics of it, as well as, an attractive composition for get the attention of your customers.


Here are some tips for you to take professional photos yourself:


– Take care of the framing. General plans, and detail cloths. Show the characteristics of the product from diferent angles.

– Take care with the number of photos. The more photos the better, as long as they provide different information, and are not repetitive.

– Pay attention to the photo lighting, the studio photography is marked by the perfect photo lighting, this differentiates you from an amateur.

– Use light background that doesn´t distract the attention from the product.

– Select the highlighted image well.



We always recomended you to do it yourself, because your personal brand is youself, anybody better than you for comunication about your brand, and the communication should be your best weapon. There are different free software online for your mail marketing campaigns, we advise these: InfusionSoft, Benchmark Email, Mailchimp, Mailrelay, Active Campaign, AcumbaMail. Any of these programs has a simple and intuitive interface to make your campaigns and to design the mail.


Remember how important is to keep a coherence of your brand in all your communication, including mail marketing. In Wai Studio, we make it easy for you, and we include in the website we design, newsletter subscription plugins, to automatically generate a list of followers and clients. We also offer a maintenance after the programming of the web, where we develop an email marketing strategy and take care of managing it to your followers.


If don’t have much time, or it seems difficult to you, and you prefer to derive it to a professional.

just give me a touch!!